Social Media “To-Do” List: 5 Essential Tasks

Social Media “To-Do” List:  5 Essential Tasks

Whether you are promoting your personal brand or your corporate brand, there are a few ‘musts’ when it comes to social media. If you want to create followers, it’s not as easy as simple posting content. Building your brand takes time and hard work, no matter what you may hear otherwise!


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Some items on the social media “to-do” list may seem obvious, and others less obvious. But, all are necessary in order to attract people to your brand:

1.     Post fresh content

Posting regularly is an ultimate must. In order to gain your audience’s attention and get them to tune in, you’ll need to continue to provide content. People are more likely to follow products and brands that consistently offer new content, and by posting fresh content you are more likely to keep yourself visible and top of mind.

2.     Engage with your audience

Make sure that you are engaging with your fans and followers as much as you post content. People aren’t interested in one-way communication anymore—they want you to reach out and create a reason for them to care about your brand. Comment on your followers’ posts, and share posts from other pages or sources.

3.     Make your posts fun and interesting

People are more likely to interact with a post if it includes humor or an intriguing topic. Try to post conversational items, and invite feedback from followers. Or, comment on hot news stories with an interesting perspective. Be conversational and relational whenever possible. Bonus for if you can get people talking about a topic related to your brand or product!


4.     Be visual

Similarly, make sure to include visuals in your posts whenever possible. Post images, online memes, or video to illustrate your message. Intersperse your own media with media from other followers or links.

5.     Research, research, research

On top of posting and engaging with your audience, you should always be on the lookout for new audiences to engage. What are the top blogs related to your product or brand, and how can you lead them to your sites? What are the hashtags your audience uses? What followers are talking about your product or topic of interest?


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