5 Rules of Small Business Marketing

5 Rules of Small Business Marketing

As a small business owner, the prospect of marketing your product or services can be frustrating and overwhelming. You have a product you believe in, but how do you get it into the hands of customers? And how do you grow revenue? Often small businesses lack the staff, funds or infrastructure that other businesses have for rapid growth.

Don’t lose hope! Instead of enviously eying the budgets of larger organizations, consider these 5 rules of small business marketing to survive and thrive:

1-Know your audience

Who would be most interested in your product or services? Consider the type of consumer that usually purchases your product (or who you would like to purchase your product). By studying where they eat, sleep and play, you can better reach and message to them in ways that might result in more qualified leads and conversions.

2-Tout what makes you unique:

If potential customers can’t tell the difference between you and your competitor next door, you’re less likely to close a sale. Know your unique selling proposition (USP) or elevator pitch well and incorporate it into your sales and messaging. This will help you rise to the top of the crowd and result in greater sales leads.

3-Create brand advocates:

You might be surprised to know that 82% of small business owners have said referrals are their main source of new business. Besides advertising, word of mouth is your best promotional avenue! Provide consistently good service, and don’t be afraid to ask for referrals

4-Leverage your community:

One of the best ways you can grow your business on a local or regional level is through networking. Find opportunities to connect with potential partners, use these partners to collaborate and cross-promote, and begin building your own business’s community through social and email campaigns. Many small businesses (41%) are already using email to market to customers.

5-Add value whenever possible:

To stay competitive, you’ll need to show customers a good faith effort of wanting to become a preferred service provider. Brainstorm different ways to continually add value for your customers, even if it’s simply a follow-up call to ensure their satisfaction. Create a preferred or VIP member program, offer coupons and provide giveaways to generate interest and makes customers feel special.

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