6 Types of Online Marketing You Should Already Be Doing

Many business owners and executives know they need to be doing online marketing, considering more than 3 billion now access the internet. But what online marketing is most important to focus on? What drives the most revenue?

Here’s a handy list of seven types of online marketing you should be using, no matter the size of your organization. If you aren’t doing these by now, you’re at risk of losing business to competitors who are:

Professional website

First and foremost, you’ll need to have a website for your business that’s well-designed, easy to navigate and responsive for multiple types of devices. Your website should be the hub of all your online marketing activities.

Email marketing

Implement an email marketing system and encourage email promotion sign-ups to further engage your current and future customers. You can find many different robust email marketing platforms online to help you manage your emails, ranging in price from relatively cheap to expensive.

Content marketing

Content marketing uses tools like a blog on a website or email marketing system to interest and attract potential marketing and sales leads. A good content marketing strategy will offer relevant and engaging content with clear calls-to-action to spur purchases and sign-ups.

Online advertising

One of the best ways for customers to find your business today is through a search engine. Part of SEO strategy includes paid search results, which you can purchase through search engine providers directly based on your ad spend budget.

Social media marketing

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have been around long enough for most to agree on their effectiveness as an online marketing tool. You can find and interact with current and potential clients via this tool, and even advertise, offer promotions, or link to important news.

Online directories

One easy (but often overlooked) online marketing tool is making sure you’re listed in many online directories (i.e., claiming a business on Google). Since many customers can stumble onto these directories in online searches, it will help to ensure that all your information (such as location, contact information and website links) are up-to-date.

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