How To Keep Productivity Levels High When Working From Home

How To Keep Productivity Levels High When Working From Home

The ongoing pandemic has changed how many of us work, with a large percentage of Canadians now making use of their homes as offices. While working from home can provide a welcome respite from elements like long commutes, having to pack a lunch or stressful situations with colleagues, it also comes with its own set of challenges. With no clear separation between your work life and personal life, staying productive can be tough for even the most motivated of us!

The Skyfall Blue Team has worked remotely since day 1 and has had years to fine tune the ideal workflow to keep ourselves on track. 


Here are a few of our favourite tricks:


1. Follow a schedule

We know, we know…isn’t the best part of working from home that you can do as you please? Well, not exactly. Just because you aren’t in a traditional office, you likely still have virtual meetings, calls and the same number of deliverables as before. Determine which hours you’ll work each day and stick to those. Knowing that you have a certain window to get everything done in will motivate you to be more efficient. Without a proper schedule in place, you’ll find yourself getting sidetracked with laundry or whatever else comes along.


2. Take that lunch break

Speaking of breaks…take them! It can be easy to fall into the habit of working for eight hours straight when you don’t have coworkers to ask you to go to lunch. We find that taking an hour off in the middle of the day gives us a much needed reset. You can go make yourself something to eat, take a walk, or clean up the house and will get back to your desk feeling refreshed. 


3. Manage your time with the Pomodoro Technique® 

This infamous technique is one of our favourite time management methods. It involves choosing a task you’d like to get done. You work on it without distraction for 25 minutes and then take a short break (go get a cup of coffee, walk around your house, etc). After four repetitions of the task-short break duo, take a longer break for twenty minutes. Your brain will thank you and your productivity will skyrocket!


What kinds of strategies do you use to stay productive while working from home during COVID-19? Let us know in the comments below.

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