How To Use Instagram Stories To Engage Your Business' Audience

How To Use Instagram Stories To Engage Your Business’ Audience

Almost every time we suggest that one of our clients uses Instagram to reach a wider audience and grow their business, we’re met with the same types of answers: “What we do isn’t interesting enough for Instagram” or “nobody will follow us, we’re just an XYZ company”. 

Instagram isn’t just for big brands or fashion labels who can populate their feeds with high-quality, visually engaging images though. Regardless of which industry you’re in, you can have a voice on the platform too. With geo locations, hashtags and the discover feature to choose from, you’ll have PLENTY of opportunity to engage with potential new clients and get eyeballs on your content. What better way to get the word about your business out there?

One of our favourite features on Instagram is the Stories option. Recording some behind the scenes footage about what’s going on at your business is the quickest way to connect with your followers and have them notice what you’re up to.


Here are some of our favourite ways to make use of Stories:

Polls – Unsure of which product to launch or which service to offer? Why not ask those who are buying from you directly?! You can use the poll feature to showcase two options and have your followers vote for their preferred one.

Questions – You can ask your followers an open-ended question on Stories. If you’re wondering which items they’d like to see in stock or which meals they’re craving on a menu, this is the best way to find out fast.

Go live – Want to open up the floor to questions or connect with your followers in real time? Go live on Instagram Stories to video record whatever you’re up to! Whether you’re hosting an event, giving a presentation or just offering advice, it all works on live.

Product stickers – These are especially useful for those who have e-commerce platforms. You’ll be able to tag products in your Stories, linking them directly to where you’re selling them on your site. Talk about an easy way to drive conversions.


Don’t let the fact that you might not have flashy enough content to rival the big brands hold you back. Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, what matters most on Instagram is that you’re sharing your message authentically and creatively – and that’s possible within any industry, regardless of if you sell tires, landscaping services or jewelry. Good luck!

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