How to Hire an Advertising Agency

Savvy business owners know marketing and advertising is integral to a company’s success. However, implementing actual campaigns based on strategic business goals is a lot harder to put into action. That’s where advertising agencies come into play: Ad agencies (especially full-service ad agencies like SkyfallBlue) offer a range of services that help business owners concentrate on key business functions.

Businesses look to ad agencies to handle all aspects of promotional advertising and marketing campaigns, with the goal of increasing visibility and revenue. Agencies can assist with website design and development, marketing, social media, and public relations. In addition to traditional media ad spots, ad campaigns can include digital advertising (which accounts for 41.9% of all ad agency revenue worldwide).

If you’re a small—or even large—business owner, the process of selecting and hiring an ad agency to promote your business may seem daunting. Here are some first steps you’ll need to take to choose the right agency to reach your business goals:

1.Create a list of goals

Start with a clear picture of what you’re hoping to achieve from a partnership with an agency. From that you can prepare a project brief describing your brand needs and your overall goals for any campaigns.

2.Research local agencies

Ask other professionals in your industry or local area for recommendations of agencies they’ve used in the past, or research agencies online. An agency’s website will be able to answer many up-front questions such as size, services, specialties and agency structure.

3.Review work samples and case studies:

Once you’re able to narrow down your agency list to a few contenders, reach out to those agencies for samples of their work. They should have a relevant list of work with previous clients that shows how they solved those clients’ problems.

4.Interview the agency in-person:

With an ad agency, you’re investing in a relationship with that agency’s employees (that hopefully becomes long-term). Set up an initial face-to-face meeting to ensure you feel comfortable with the agency team.

5.Ask for references:

A good agency will have a steady stream of previous clients who will be happy to share their good work. If you’re interested in an agency, have them provide the contact information for 2-3 happy clients.

6.Get an estimate of costs:

If you think you’ve found an agency that might work for you, ask for a final cost estimate based on your campaign goals and the agency’s hourly rates. Then, compare that to your marketing and advertising budget to see if you can afford that agency.


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