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What is a Domain Authority?

If you are working tirelessly to excel at search engine optimization in hopes of increasing your rank on search engines. However, you are still not meeting all of its ranking factors, it may be time to consider optimizing your website for one the most important Google ranking factors – Domain authority (DA). 

Firstly, Domain authority was developed by a SEO software business called Moz. It was designed as a ranking score between 1 and 100, with 100 being the highest and best score you can attain. Moz considers more than forty different elements when it is determining each websites DA. This includes everything from inbound links to root domains, meaning that websites with lots of links have a very high score. Whereby newer websites with limited links have a low DA.  

How Does DA Increase Your Google Ranking 

Secondly, the website with the highest DA can be understood as the thought leader of websites on the internet. Domain authority considers your popularity but also your reputation for supplying website visitors with expert-level content on your specific topic. When Google notes that you are continually creating high-level content across your website pages. It will rank that content positively, thus attracting more visitors to your website.  

Thirdly, to determine whether or not you have a good DA score, you need to look at your domain authority score relative to those you are competing with on the search engine results pages. This means that you are not trying to get the highest domain authority score available (100), but rather you are simply trying to have a higher DA score than your direct competitors.  


Are you eager to know what your domain authority score is? The extension MozBar offers a free Chrome extension that enables you to see your websites ranking and authority score.  

In conclusion, if you want to improve your DA, you can start by reviewing your current domain authority score at the above link. Then proceed to develop and create powerful keyword focused content that will continually compel people to visit your website. As well, to link to your website and to return again and again. Finally, it is essential that you write for or work with partners to secure as many quality links that send people back to your website as possible. With high quality inbound links to your website pages and impeccably relevant and readable content, you can increase your DA, and thus, improve your Google ranking and website traffic. 

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