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5 Ways a Small Business Can Benefit with the Right SEO Plan

There are no limits to the ways that small businesses can benefit with the right SEO plan. From creating links to their website from other high-quality and popular websites to optimizing all of the copywriting and keyword messaging across their online platforms, search engine optimization is the most affordable, sustainable and reliable tool in the digital marketing toolkit to help small businesses reach their goals. Here are the top 5 ways that a small business can benefit with the right SEO plan. 


1. Credibility

To build credibility, your small business needs to be featured on places aside from your own website. Offer to write guest blogs for other websites, post articles to popular blog sites and ask colleagues, friends and connectors in your community to post a link to your website on their blog. Each of these links will help to increase your google ranking online. 

2. Longevity

For a small business to be successful in the digital marketing world, it needs to have a sustainable approach that does not require out of pocket payment each month (like pay-per-click ads). Organic search results that are created through search engine optimized content keeps your website showing up in google search results without requiring you to keep spending money. For sustainable SEO, small businesses need to use targeted, specific keywords and phrases that their potential clients would type into google search. 

3. Visibility

By including SEO best practices such as Alt Tags and Meta Descriptions throughout your website, you are letting Google know exactly what your website is about. Each tag describes what your images, videos and products are explaining and increases your visibility online.

4. Competitiveness

When consumers see your website on the first page of Google, or notice your website linked on other popular websites in your industry, this instantly improves your competitive edge. 

5. Client Satisfaction

A well performing SEO website creates, without a doubt, a better user experience. From copywriting that is impactful and clear to website designs that are accessible, your website visitors will be happy that you invested in optimizing your website. 


Do you own a small business? Are you searching for SEO support? If you are a small business and need to find the right SEO plan for you, contact our team at Skyfall Blue today. 



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