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Should You Have a SSL for Your Website?

If you are running a business online, it is absolutely essential that you have an SSL for your website. An SSL, otherwise known as a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate, is not required to build and publish a website online. However, it is pivotal in building client trust and preventing malicious activity on your website. This is especially true if you are collecting clients private data for online sales or newsletters. 

What is an SSL for your website? 

SSL is a standard security measure online that ensures your website and all of the data is protected from hackers. When you visit any website you will notice that they either begin with http or https. When you see that ’s’, this means that that particular website has secure encryption or a secure sockets layer certificate. In more technical terms, an SSL certificate will digitally encrypt the information shared between the server and the client. Consequently, you are less likely to experience data breaches, phishing scams or other hacking threats. Both your business, and your clients, are safe and secure.

Why is having an SSL for your website important? 

A SSL certificate:

  • enables authentication of user information.
  • allows for encryption and decryption of private information/data that is sent through your website.
  • enhances your website visitors level of trust and confidence in your website by guaranteeing that it is a safe place for them to input their data.
  • is essential for safe data collection such as credit card transactions, data transfers and login and password information.
  • will prevent hackers from accessing any information used when submitting any forms filled out on your website,

If you are currently managing a website that does not have an SSL Certificate, you can contact our team at Skyfall Blue today to discuss how we can help make this happen. It is pivotal that your clients feel safe and secure if you want them to make any purchases on your site, and our team here at Skyfall Blue.


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