5 Free Social Media Tools You Need to Use

5 Free Social Media Tools You Need to Use

Do you ever wonder how those Instagram influencers make their posts look so professional, or how that poetry account you follow can magically transform a few sentences into a visual masterpiece? Would you like to learn how that small business owner produces infographic after infographic with seemingly no prep time? If you feel like you are lagging behind in the social media department, check out these five free social media tools and get ready to change your digital footprint, forever!



Without a doubt, this is the most popular social media tool when it comes to designing and publishing epic graphics and social media posts for beginners. Whether you are looking to design a Facebook event banner, Twitter post, or blog header image, Canva has everything you need. Canva is free and stocked full of thousands of templates for platform-specific posts, infographics, posters and more.


Adobe Spark

For unquestionably stunning graphics, this free platform allows you to create modern designs with minimal expertise. Professional, industry-specific templates are available and customized at an instant. It even provides video editing capabilities!



This super simple and free social media tool is the inspirational Instagrammer’s dream come true. In just a few steps, you can easily transform your favourite quote into a beautiful post destined to also inspire your followers.



This web app makes image and graphic editing easy with direct access from your cellphone. Simply download the app, search your theme and voilà! a seemingly endless collection of posters, social media post templates, and even document templates are at your fingertips. Bonus feature? You can even schedule posts!



Imagine being able to manage up to three of your social media platforms all in one place! From scheduling your posts at optimal times to automatically searching and sharing relevant content, the free plan from Hootsuite is an essential tool for anybody looking to up their social media game. Looking to learn more? You can also study social media strategy in their free online courses!


What are you waiting for? Schedule yourself some time this week to dive into these amazing free platforms and begin to transform your social media presence. If you would rather have someone else do the work for you, don’t worry, that’s our job! Contact our team at Skyfall Blue today at info@skyfallblue.com for a free consultation.

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