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Increase Your Online Holiday Sales with These 7 Hacks

With Christmas and holiday marketing schedules inching earlier and earlier each year, it’s more important than ever to be armed with a pre-planned marketing campaign. Canadian consumers are expected to spend an average of $1,563 this holiday season, up 3.7% from 2017.


If you haven’t yet had time to prepare your marketing tactics—or simply aren’t receiving the desired traction you’d like for your online sales—here are a few techniques that might heat up your cold weather e-commerce campaigns:


Launch exclusive holiday sales

Consumers love (and expect) special deals around the holiday season, so offer creative and one-time-only offers for your website visitors. Also, send exclusive pre-access links for special sales to newsletter and email subscribers to encourage additional sales and customer retention.


Advertise a deadline for offers

Consumers are more motivated to purchase products and services if they see a dwindling timeframe for special deals. Motivate your website visitors by including a countdown clock on your homepage to create a sense of urgency, or send email offer reminders that count down days left for an online sale.


Set up automated responses for abandoned carts

Let’s face it: The holidays can be hectic, and consumers often get distracted during their online search for the perfect gift. Abandoned cart communication are a gentle reminder for website visitors to complete their purchase (and you can encourage the final sale by offering a coupon, discount code or free shipping in your messages).


Keep your website and social media holiday-friendly

Website visitors are more likely to associate your company with the holidays and gift-giving if you make small changes to your homepage and social media, such as updating a profile picture or posting holiday messages. Even adding photos of your products next to a tree or gift wrap will help your potential customers associate you with a final holiday purchase.


Create holiday-specific sales goals for employees

If you haven’t already, consider setting sales goals specific to the holiday season for your sales employees. Creating a common goal and offering bonuses or other incentives may increase morale and result in greater holiday sales.


Invest in Facebook and Google ads to boost traffic

Social media ads, Google ads and retargeting ads to your previous or potential website visitors can add a significant boost to your ecommerce sales. These ads can help you reach your target audience and keep you top-of-mind for consumers during the holiday season.


Offer a holiday referral program

The holiday season is as good a time as any to offer a referral incentive for your regular customers (i.e., $200 for every new customer referral purchase). This will help you bring in potential clients for the new year and increase your overall web traffic.


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