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5 Non-Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

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Do you remember the good old days when print advertisements and brochures and newspaper listings were the only way to get your brand out to the world? What might seem like a blast from the past can in fact prove to be quite valuable for your business. In our experience here at Skyfall Blue, in certain industries there remains many irreplaceable benefits to those age-old, traditional, marketing tactics. In fact, despite this era of digital marketing, some businesses may need to focus more on traditional marketing strategies. The number one principle of marketing is simple – get your brand where you potential clients are. If your clientele is not online all of the time (for example, the elderly or rural population), how will they ever see your impeccably designed Facebook advertisements and Mailchimp campaigns? Check out our top five expert tips for traditional forms of advertising that we still encourage many of our clients to use today.  


1) Print Advertising

From brochures, to posters, to a branded decal on your company vehicle, the power of print advertising is still as strong as it has always been.  With print advertising, it’s all about location, location, location. Think carefully about where your ad will pack the most punch! A well-placed ad in a local publication that shares your target demographic can do wonders for your business.

2) Business Cards

Despite the fact that many basic websites serve as a business card in the digital world, it is still necessary to keep a stash of your cards, with your e-mail, phone and website information, on hand at all times. People will not remember your website, they will check it out when they find your card while clearing out their wallet.  

3) Referrals

The word of mouth marketing systems remains the most powerful system. While many referrals come digitally nowadays, there is still great value in speaking face to face to one client and asking them to introduce you to a potential referral, or dropping off some of your print material with people you know who may be connected to great referrals for your business.  

4) Local Events

Whether it is the local street fair, craft brewery festival or music festival, setting up a booth with some intriguing marketing props and all of your business materials continues to be a powerful mechanism to recruit new clients in a non-digital way. This also gives your business a chance to reconnect with your community and fellow businesses that could end up as stellar referrals.  

5) Trade Shows

We recommend that your business is represented at a minimum of one major trade show every year, armed with an appealing booth, a great sales incentive and some of your best team members (ideally the company owner or founder). Of course you should recruit e-mail addresses for your amazing Mailchimp campaigns, but devote your time on the trade show floor to genuinely sharing your business, brand and vision with an audience that wants to be there.  


Knowing where your target clientele spends their time and meeting them there in your marketing efforts has always been the number one rule of powerful marketing. For example, if you are offering landscaping services to a retirement community in a rural area with limited (or slow) internet, consider going door to door with hard copies of your print materials that includes all pricing and a phone number you can be reached at. On the other hand, if you are targeting a group of college students, make your product available for purchase in an instant online without any requirement to call the company.  

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