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What Is a Google Business Listing?

What Is a Google Business Listing And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Small businesses can always use more marketing and better marketing strategies. This is the mission and passion of SKYFALL BLUE. We can help with your Google Business Listing.

What is a Google Business Listing?

A Google Business Listing is a Google Page Rank listing that shows the Google search engine results on Google Maps, Google Local Listings, Google Directory and Google Search.  Google is by far one of the biggest companies on the planet.

Google’s services include:

  • Google Maps
  • Places
  • Local Listings
  • and Google Search.

Google has made millions of dollars each year since its inception.  The reason Google is so big is because Google has made sure that its services are absolutely free for anyone to use and which anyone can write reviews about on Google Maps, Google Places, Google Directory and Google Search.  The Google Web Search Engine has listed thousands of business on Google Maps and Google Local Listings and has created thousands of Google Search results.

Why should I get a Google Business Account?

I always recommend clients that they use Google to create a Google Business Listing.  It provides your business with the platform that allows them to promote themselves in the hands of people that could be potential customers.  It is not hard to get a Google Business account because Google has made it easier for you.

The benefits of having an account for your business are:  More People Search Your Business – Once your Google Business is up, anyone searching for a certain product or service your business offers can search for your business with just a simple click.

How do I get a Google Business Account?

Creating a business listing at Google Search is free. This is an important piece of marketing for a small business that is not generating enough leads for the business to be profitable. Google is the top search engine and has the biggest audience in the world. It is a search giant.  You need to create a Google Business Listing. This is Google’s way of making sure users are finding your business and talking about your business. A Google Business Listing allows users to view your business in the search engine results. A Google Business Listing also makes it easy for users to contact your business.

How can a Google Business Account help my business grow?

Many small businesses have the desire to expand their consumer base, but lack the tools to help them achieve their goals.  Using a Google Business account, that small business can gain a free local, regional or national presence through the use of a brand name that can be listed on Google Search, Google Maps and other internet-based applications.  What Are the Benefits of A Google Business?  When a business listed in Google, it creates a sense of credibility, trust and added value for consumers who search for that business online. It will also help your business gain traffic that could be driving to your physical location to find out more about your business.

Benefits of a Google Business

While you can create a FREE Google business link, don’t just leave it at that. According to some stats, as much as 80% of business owner websites have no Google business account! This means your entire business is going to have the same 1% to 2% effectiveness for generating qualified leads as all the other businesses that have paid for Google business listings.  Sure, it’s free, but not if you want to get the most out of the traffic that Google will send your way.


Google is the place to get free advertising online. Businesses can now easily access free search marketing, advertising, email marketing and content marketing.  To get started with your free search marketing, visit Google My Business and get started.  About the Author  Ashleigh Muldoon is an Online Marketing Consultant at Skyfall Blue. She offers FREE search marketing, Google Adwords, Business Listings and email marketing.

Call us today at 613-912-7780 or fill out the form here. Skyfall Blue is your digital marketing experts. We are here for all your business needs including setting up a well performing Google Business Listing.


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