Resources For Running a Business Online

Top 10 Resources for Running a Business Online

Do you own a small business? Are you capitalizing on all the resources available to you? 

Scroll through our blog for a top 10 resources that can help you learn how to run your online business, how to engage with your customers online and how to increase your bottom line… you guessed it, online. 

1. Website:

The first stop on an online business journey is a website. Whether it is created for free with Wix or WordPress, or developed professionally by a website developer, this is as necessary today as a business card was in the past. 

2. Social Media Accounts:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Youtube… the list goes on and on. Despite a plethora of social media applications, your company does not need to be on all of them. That said, they do need to be on at least one. Do your market research and determine where your clients are hanging out online and set up shop there. 

3. Social Media Scheduling Applications:

Managing the aforementioned social media applications can be a nightmare to do manually, especially if you have a presence on more than one. Applications such as Planoly, Hootsuite or Hubspot can help you pre-schedule posts, hashtags, and images in one place.

4. Email and Newsletter Software:

Increase efficiencies, track opens, store your contact email addresses, and even track who is and is not opening or clicking your content with the ever-popular email software such as Mailchimp

5. Graphic Design Applications:

Simplify the oft-arduous tasks of creating posters, social media posts, event calendars and infographics with our favorite (and often free) graphic design application Canva

6. Project Management and Tracking:

Is your online business growing and are you starting to lose track of all the deadlines, processes, and people accountable for each task? Trusted task applications work like virtual bulletin boards and can save hours of organization. Try Asana or Trello.

7. Secure Signatures:

HelloSign enables businesses and clients to share confidential documents that require signatures and can integrate everything from Dropbox to Evernote. All file transfers are SSL encrypted and legally binding.

8. Internal Chat Rooms:

Slack is the industry leader when it comes to internal team communications. The app allows file sharing and real time messaging across entire companies. 

9. Cloud Storage:

Dropbox is the popular and easiest online tool for sharing, storing, uploading, editing, and protecting files, photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets and more. Say goodbye to flash drives of the past and store it all safely in the cloud. 

10. Google Analytics:

There are no more “unknowns” in your business when you begin working with Google Analytics. This free service reports on your website progress, your visitor journey, your bounce rate, and your overall website performance. 


We believe that any online business requires each of these ten resources to effectively manage a company online, connect with customers, track client experiences, and run a powerful virtual business. To learn more about these tools, or to outsource their implementation and/or management to a team of experts, email our team today at fadi@skyfallblue.com

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