How To Knock Your Real Estate Social Media Game Out Of The Park

Real estate is a tough business! With so many agents and brokers licensed to work in the red-hot Canadian property market, competition is stiff. Standing out from your seemingly endless stream of competitors isn’t an easy feat. Since day 1, Skyfall Blue has worked with some of the biggest and brightest names in Ottawa real estate. These include Royal LePage, Capital Mortgages and several boutique agencies. We quickly pinned down what kinds of real estate social media strategies worked best when it came to attracting new leads for these clients and positioning them as the go-to sources in their field.

Sure, it’s easy to post gorgeous photos of new property listings – but everybody’s doing it! Here are a few tweaks you can make to your monthly real estate content calendar that will quickly set you apart from the pack.

Share tips and tricks

It can be a quick one liner about how to prepare your home for a sale. Or it could be an entire blog post on the best areas in the city to purchase a property. Share value with your potential clients, and we guarantee that you’ll quickly build trust and brand awareness.

Highlight local gems

Show how knowledgeable you are about the city (or region) you’re working in. Share some of your favourite local finds! Whether it’s an amazing retail shop, an under the radar cocktail bar or a beautiful park that’s always peaceful, your clients will appreciate the depth of your familiarity with various neighbourhoods.

Showcase testimonials

What better way to demonstrate how effective your services are than by sharing feedback directly from your clients? Ask each client to write you a quick review. Not all of them will take the time to do so, but chances are that most will if you worked well together. 

Share industry news as it happens

Your clients turn to your expertise when it comes to all of the intricacies of real estate that they wouldn’t necessarily know about, such as property taxes, interest rates, new property developments and averages prices in a given area. When information that would benefit them hits the news, be sure to share links to it so they can see that you’re on top of your game.

Above all, the most successful real estate companies we’ve worked with have always provided extensive value to their potential clients across their social platforms. By showing them how you can make their lives easier and how your extensive knowledge will benefit them using the tips we’ve listed above, you’ll be sure to stand out from your competitors and catch their attention.

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