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5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts

5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts

Do you feel like you are running in circles when it comes to your content marketing? Unsure whether your content marketing is effective or not? According to the Content Marketing Institute, 44% of B2B marketers rate their content marketing somewhere between “effective” and “not effective.” If you’re considered part of this segment, use this year to take a fresh look at your content marketing strategy and execution. It’s not an exact science, but with a few small changes you can most likely enhance your effectiveness. Here are 5 of our best tips for improving your content marketing efforts:

1) Write out your strategy

It seems simple enough, but this is often an overlooked step when it comes to content marketing. While 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy, only 32% have a documented content marketing strategy.

2) Meet with your team regularly

Highly successful content marketers meet daily or weekly with content teams. Furthermore, those who meet frequently consider meetings to be more effective than those who meet biweekly or monthly. Regular meetings will help you keep your content fresh and top-of-mind.

3) Tie your content into your business goals

Content marketing is useless if it isn’t built into your overarching business plan. Are you looking for greater brand awareness? More leads? Greater conversions? Be sure that your content marketing strategy is created to help support the bigger picture. 

4) Define your metrics and ROI

To gauge your content marketing effectiveness and see if you’re meeting your goals, you’ll need to establish clearly defined metrics of ROI. Easy content metrics to track include page views, downloads and visits. Engagement metrics can include how many times a piece is shared, how many visitors opt-in to a mailing list, or how many sales quotes are requested.

5) Plan for how and where you’ll promote your content

Unfortunately, while a majority of business owners know they need a content distribution strategy, only a small percentage (26%) actually invest in one. Once you’ve created a piece, how will you share it so people can see it? How can you plan to tie new or existing content into fresh marketing campaigns?

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