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5 Expert Tips on Managing Your Social Media This Summer

We get it. With the distraction of the long-awaited summertime sunshine, it can become easy to let your daily social media schedule slip away in search of some well deserved rest and relaxation. For many businesses, summertime represents a slow season, and the slow down in customer orders may convince you that you can abandon your tried and true social media calendar and campaigns for a few months. Check out our expert tips on how to keep your social media presence relevant and intriguing all summer long.  


 1. Attend and share local events

From music festivals to farmers markets to kids events, find local activities that are aligned with your brand and either show up yourself and snap a selfie for your social media feed, or incorporate the event hashtags in your posts that day. This shows your community that you are still up and running, interesting, and involved.


2. Embrace popular hashtag themes

Save yourself time and creative energy by readjusting your  posts to align with hashtags of the day – from #wellnesswednesday to #throwbackthursday, these well-established weekly themes provide an easy and accessible way to keep you posting without forcing you to create new products or new campaigns during a downtime. Pre-schedule your posts in Hootsuite for ultimate ease.  


3. Think summer themed posts

Beaches, swimming pools, ice cream, patios and cottage adventures are the most popular summertime social media posts and your business should be no exception. Use the summertime to show your clients a behind the scenes look into your teams out-of-office lives, adventures, and interests. Capitalize on high-quality visual content and summer filtered photography.


4. Create a summer-themed campaign or contest

Give people a chance to win something summery! Do you own a clothing company? Run a social media contest for a chance to win the ultimate summer wardrobe. Do you manage a brewery? Create a contest to win a free BBQ and keg party. These timely ideas will draw on peoples desire for summertime fun and can help bring new clientele to your website and hopefully boost your bottom line during your slow season.


5. Get a social media influencer on board

Summertime is prime time to consider partnering with a local blogger or social influencer who is out and about at local events and can promote your business for you (while you take in some sunshine with your friends and family guilt-free). Word of mouth is a powerful form of marketing. Try to find someone who speaks to your target audience and consider inviting them to takeover your  account for the day or week. 


Unfortunately for those of us craving a summertime digital detox, running a business is a full time, year-round job. In our hyper-connected world, it is pivotal that you continue managing your social media whether it is slow season or not. Not only do we recommend preserving your social media strategy throughout the summer, but we also recommend transforming your content to reflect the seasonal change and any relevant changes to your business that come with the summer.

At Skyfall Blue, we are happy to help manage your social media for you, offering short and long term social media management options. Contact our team today at info@skyfallblue.com for a free consultation!

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