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Leverage the Power of LinkedIn to Grow your Online Business

LinkedIn is an online business networking tool and the go-to site for professionals across a multitude of industries. It is the perfect platform for small businesses to build a community of trusted followers and brand advocates and offers fantastic opportunities for lead generation. Read on to find out how you can leverage the power of LinkedIn to increase your online visibility, market your business more effectively, and boost customer engagement!


Ensure your personal profile is current

LinkedIn offers the chance to have an individual profile, as well as a company page. People like to invest in people, so make sure that your personal page is up-to-date and fully filled out. The more complete your page is, the more people can learn about you and what you can offer them. LinkedIn stats show that members with profiles that are 100% complete receive 46% more page views than those who don’t. People are visually driven, so a professional photo on your profile is a must.


Spend time building up a strong network of connections

Having a strong network will not only increase your visibility by making you better known in certain circles, but it will also introduce you to key influencers and potential new clients. Ask connections who know you, or have worked with you, to endorse you for certain skills. Improve your LinkedIn profile by looking for patterns of endorsements that speak to your personal brand you want to be endorsed for skills you want to be recognised for, not just necessarily what you are good at.  


Create a company page

It will not take you long to create a company page on LinkedIn, but the return you receive will be incredible. Make sure that you are promoting your LinkedIn company page on your other social media channels, in addition to any emails, newsletters, or blogs you send out. You can add a “Follow” button to your company website to make it easy for visitors to click through to your LinkedIn page. A company page will not only give your business more online credibility, but they also rank high in online searches, making it easier for potential clients to find and learn more about you. Make sure that all of your colleagues and employees engage with your company page, so you can drive traffic there and quickly grow a network of professional connections.


Join groups and engage with others members

Joining different LinkedIn groups and following other company pages is a great way to meet potential clients and engage with them directly. Follow groups that discuss your brand or industry and then get involved in the conversation! Promote your company page within these groups as a way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your page.


Share interesting content frequently

Make the most of your valued network of followers by providing them with high-quality, engaging content to read and share. You want them talking about your company and products to drive new business straight to your door! Keep followers interested by sharing a wide variety of content, such as industry articles, blog posts, videos, and company news, and involve them in conversations by asking them their thoughts on certain topics. Provide value to your followers by taking the time to educate them about the industry and your personal brand; constantly promoting your business will bore people. Have a regular posting schedule to increase your visibility and keep followers consistently updated on what’s new. Make sure to reply to any comments you receive to show you are available and customer opinions are being heard – this will also improve brand loyalty and credibility.  


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