Why your business needs a professional web developer

With the proliferation of the internet as a source of leads, businesses both big and small have rushed to set up their own websites to attract potential customers. However, many businesses don’t understand that having an online presence simply for the sake of having one can actually do more harm than good and very important to have a professional web developer.

How can having a website be damaging, you might ask? Customers can simply be turned off of your business when they come across a poorly-designed or poorly-functioning website. In fact, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.

Businesses, eager to get a website in place and facing limited budgets, often resort to free website generators or amateur web designers. Once customers come across these websites, they associate the lack of quality with your business itself (and therefore, are less likely to choose your products or services).

By spending just a little bit more money on professional web design, businesses could have a beautifully designed and highly functioning website. Here are just a few other reasons to hire a professional web developer:

Improve website appearance:

Given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than plain. A professional website developer will use knowledge of current design trends to put together a site that is as beautiful as it is engaging.

Boost website performance:

Amateur websites with poor hosting platforms often have slow loading times and glitches, which cause a bad user experience for website visitors. This is important, considering 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images take too long to load. A web developer, however, can improve your site’s performance (including load time).

Mobile optimize website:

Today, a surprising 13% of adults access the internet via mobile only. Simply creating a website online doesn’t mean your website works well on mobile devices, where many potential customers are searching for products and services. A professional web developer will be able to create a website that is mobile optimized (or responsive), which will create a positive user experience no matter where it’s accessed from.

Optimize content:

A knowledgeable web developer and/or web design firm can work with you to determine what content should be included in your website, and how it should be best organized for SEO purposes. This will help users both find your website and stay on your website (leading to lower bounce rates and more leads).

If you’re not sure whether or not your website is performing at its optimum, consider requesting a full website review from a professional web design firm, such as SKYFALL BLUE. This can help you determine weak areas of your website, as well as steps to improve your website’s performance. Contact us today!

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