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Tosca Ristorante

Project Overview

Website Design, Website Content, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Engagement and Posting, Newsletters, Giveaways, SEO, Brand Voice.

Solutions Provided

Website Design: Designed an industry appropriate website with sliding header features, document uploading and detailed service information.

Content Writing: Complete website content (copy and images) was developed in collaboration with the client.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms were created and populated, creative giveaways and campaigns were developed, and user engagement was increased.

SEO: SEO integration throughout website and content copy.

Newsletters: Monthly newsletters were designed and written to promote events, share giveaways and engage with clientele.


Tosca Ristorante is an exceptional downtown Ottawa restaurant that sought to build an online presence to promote its offerings to clients, share its story and increase sales. By integrating an online reservation application on the website, Skyfall Blue was was able to help the client reach each of the aforementioned goals, while tripling their social media engagement across three platforms.