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  We just launched SKYFALL BLUE but what can we tell you, we are getting bigger and we need you! We are proving the opportunity of internship for a social media savvy, smart individual who will work with existing and potential clients of SKYFALL BLUE. Are you well-versed in the online community and understand how and why people communicate online. Do you have a deep understanding of social media and online publishing? Do you know the latest trends in online digital media and most of all, love interacting and working with customers?   Then, you might just be the one!

Last year was a remarkable year. Amongst the TOP 10 best things that happened in 2012 was: the Diamond Jubilee, a celebration of the Queen’s 60 year Anniversary since her ascension to the throne, the much anticipated London Summer Olympics, the global phenomenon Gangnam Style and most of all, the great sigh of relief because the apocalypse was nothing but nasty rumour as the world did not end on December 21st.