Digital Marketing Your Landscape Business in Ottawa

Marketing Your Landscape Business

6 Strategies for Marketing Your Landscape Business In the Digital Age

The Ottawa landscape and garden industry is going through a period of transformation in the digital age. It’s something that we’ve been seeing for some time now, as online reviews and online directories have become more and more popular. It’s a great time to be in the business of selling and marketing your landscape business, as more people are looking for services like yours online. The landscape and garden industry is one of the oldest in the Canada, and landscape businesses have been a great source of income for generations of Canadians. In recent years, the landscape industry has undergone a transformation from a high-margin business to a high-tech one. There are a number of ways that you can market your landscape business in the digital age. Here are six tips for marketing your landscape business in the digital age.

Use Video Marketing

You’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of video in marketing lately, and for good reason. Video is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, and can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website and boost your conversions. You can use video to directly promote your business, sell products, and build your brand.

There are a number of platforms where you can post videos, including your own YouTube channel. If you have a particular niche, you can also create content for specific subreddits on Reddit. Videos are particularly effective when you embed them on your website. People love looking at landscapes on a laptop or desktop computer, and if you embed your videos on your website, you’ll increase the amount of traffic you receive.

Create Product Content

You don’t have to simply post photos of your flowers and plants on your website. You can also create detailed product content that will help you boost your conversions and grow your business. For example, you can create a product comparison page that compares your products to your competitors’. This will allow you to tell your customers more about the difference between your products and theirs, and what make your company stand out from the crowd.

Product content is also a great way to generate leads for your business. If you create a free e-book, for example, and use a lead magnet to convince people to sign up for your mailing list, you’ve created a lead magnet. Once they’ve signed up, you can include a product link in every email that you send, helping you build your business and bring in new customers.

Distribute Digital Content

One of the best ways to market your landscape business in the digital age is to distribute digital content. You can create e-books, white papers, and e-marketing guides that will help expand your customer base and teach people about your business. These types of content can be really effective when used correctly, as they’re not only good for building your business, but they’re also good for your bottom line.

Create a Blog

Blogging is a great way to build your online presence for your landscape business. You can create a blog on WordPress, Blogger, or another platform that will allow you to easily update your content and add photos. A blog is a great way to build your online presence, as it will allow you to share your content with the world and keep in touch with your customers. It’s also a great way to build your email list, as people read your blog and subscribe to your email list via email, which you can then use to market to your customers.

Use Social Media Marketing

Last but not least, you can use social media marketing to boost your lead generation and expand your customer base. You can create social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and regularly post content to all of them. This will help you build a following that can help you boost your lead generation, and make you more visible to potential customers.

If you want to drive even more traffic to your website, you can also include social media links in your website’s content. This will allow people to click through to your social media pages from your website, increasing your traffic even more. We can help create a digital marketing plan for your Ottawa landscape business to succeed.


Marketing your Ottawa landscape business has never been easier thanks to the advancements in technology. You can use digital marketing to boost your business and increase your customer base, and it doesn’t require an enormous investment. Simply put, if you want to boost your business and reach more customers, digital marketing is a great way to do it.

Now that you know all there is to know about digital marketing for your landscape company, it’s time to take your business to the next level.

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