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Targeted Advertising on Facebook

The Importance of Targeted Advertising on Facebook: Tips and Techniques for Maximizing Your Reach

Do you find yourself mindlessly “boosting” your posts on Facebook in hopes that by spending a few dollars here and there every month you will increase your brand awareness and impact? Targeted Advertising is what we do best here at Skyfall Blue.

The importance of targeted advertising

In one post I discussed the value of social media. I discussed that social media does more than just provide social proof. Also that social media is a powerful tool that has the ability to deliver value and affect brand perception. As marketers we are responsible for the “social proof” of our clients and our company. And so, one of the main ways in which we can affect a company’s value is by increasing its social proof. Increasing the number of people who know what we do is directly connected to the money we can bring to the table. As one of my mentors recently said, “every marketing dollar spent online is a marketing dollar in your pocket.” But what about other things that can have direct and indirect impact on your social proof?

How to better target your audience

First things first, what do we mean by the word “target”? Facebook has a nifty feature called Targeted Advertising that makes it possible for you to precisely tailor your reach for increased engagement.

Secondly, the Targeted Advertising tool allows you to create a customized audience list based on many factors such as personal interests, demographics, likes and shares, behaviors and more. You can target those who you know will be interested in your brand and the content that you are posting.

Thirdly, many small business owners and marketers don’t fully understand how to use the Targeted Advertising tool in order to increase the reach of their Facebook posts. They are probably missing out on a whole world of opportunities to improve their reach and impact with limited budgets. But don’t worry, Skyfall Blue is here to help.

How to leverage your content

This post will provide a step-by-step guide on how to utilize targeted advertising to maximize your reach and drive strong engagement. Targeted advertising requires that you understand the specific objectives of the content you create and that you create in a way that appeals to specific groups on your target platform.

If you find yourself lacking in the knowledge of how to effectively leverage targeting for your marketing, don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

We’ll get started by first answering one of the most common questions I’m asked:

  • How can I do targeted advertising?

Facebook advertising is actually pretty simple to understand, especially if you take the time to read the steps below.

What are the Facebook advertising goals?

First, target the right audience. Think about the right age, gender and location. These are the key influencers who are most likely to be exposed to your content. You need to reach out to your clients and customers who are looking to do business with you.

Why are you on Facebook? Social media is a way to stay in touch with clients and your staff. This allows you to create a community and community goals.

Create community goals such as:

  • Bring together a group of prospective clients and prospects and brainstorm ideas.

This helps you get feedback, which makes it a powerful way to improve your products and services. Do you want to gain leads, referrals, partnerships, conversions and more? Many of these have to do with products and services.

The advantages of Facebook ads

Facebook ads are an incredibly effective way to grow your brand awareness and make it easy for customers to get to you. An ad that is correctly targeted is extremely efficient and makes a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. It is certainly worth the expense to maximize your Facebook ad campaign.

The six keys to boosting your Facebook ad In order to make your Facebook ad campaign a success you need to take a step back and think about how it will work. You need to know the differences between a Facebook ad and the traditional one. If you are in this predicament then you are in the right place because you need to be able to use the concepts presented here to help you.


Organic word of mouth marketing and inbound marketing have almost always been fairly low cost. There are certainly costs associated with inbound marketing and they can range from basic blogging, SEO, social media marketing, and emails to a more complete brand building and advertising program.

These programs can range from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars depending on the nature of the inbound marketing strategy and the frequency with which it is implemented. With that said, most companies are comfortable with spending $100 a month, on average, on Facebook advertising to generate $1,000 in new sales. That said, many companies spend an amount comparable to Facebook advertising to achieve the same goals through inbound marketing strategies.

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