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Top 5 Reasons Bloggers Quit Blogging and How to Avoid Them – Part 2

So here are Top 5 Reasons Bloggers Quit Blogging and how to avoid them.

1.  Money, Money, Money

 2. Keeping up with the Jones

 3. Small Fish in a BIG Blog Pond 

4Motivation, Where Art Thou?

 Just as New Year hold promises of a new beginning, so does launching a brand new blog. We have lofty ideals and big plans of blogging every day, e-ve-ry single day. And we do it. For maybe a week, a month or if we’re lucky, a year and then it dies.


How to avoid it: Seek inspiration everywhere. On the streets, in magazines, movies, everywhere you look you can find something interesting that can ignite something within you. Always carry a pen and paper with you or if you’re the digital kind, keep your smart phone or tablet so that when idea strikes you, write it down so you’ll never forget another blog post ever again.

reason to quit blogging


5.    Much Ado About Nothing

When you launched your blog: the “Losing the Last Ten Pounds”, you had plenty of ideas of posts of what to write about. You’ll post tips on what to eat for the perfect snacks, exercise videos, daily weigh-in and share with your readers your very personal weight loss journey.


And then you lost the last ten pounds. In just two months actually (what can I say, we’re positive people around here), much faster than you originally thought so all of a sudden, you find yourself with nothing else to talk about.

What now?

 quit blogging

How to avoid it: When finding the general theme and thesis of your blog, think about longevity (if that is of course your goal). Is the topic(s) you’ve chosen big and nuanced enough that you have more to say. Weight loss by itself can generate thousands of contents are there are a number of different elements at play in order for one to successfully shed the pounds. Can you say the same for sock puppets, meatless chili, purple coloured vegetables and minor league hockey?


Blogging a fun and worthwhile endeavour, which can potentially, yes, make you money but blogging can also give you lots of other perks beyond the Benjamin such as experience, therapy, joy and most of all, friends.
What about you, are you still blogging?


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