There has been any time in history than today that people all over the world are connected. Whereas it used to take weeks to months for a telegram to reach the other side of the globe, an instant SMS doesn’t even take a fraction of a second to reach its destination. Social Media has definitely revolutionized the way we talk to one another. Clicks after clicks link us – the fact that you are reading this article right now is proof that you are engaged in SM one way or another.  SOCIAL MEDIA 101: SKYFALL BLUE STYLE

With that being said, it doesn’t mean our communication skills have gotten better. On the one hand, technology has given us countless of channels to interact but on the other, it may have eroded some of the basic tenets of effective communication. Today, let’s go back to basics and talk about how to conduct ourselves well in the world of Social Media.

Common Sense, Not So Common After All

The same way that walking into a party and barging into a group conversation is a faux-pas, being polite goes a long way in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and so on. Do start a conversation but do in a courteous manner, introduce yourself – tell others who you are and what you do.

Be Social, It’s called Social Media

Engage one another. The whole idea behind SM is that it is interactive. While automated tweets are acceptable, using that alone may be the best thing you can do to lose followers. It doesn’t replace your actual tweets and believe me, people notice and notice instantly when there is no one behind the tweet. And the worst part is, they do unfollow.

Be Professional, Be Personable

Just because your profile description has a caveat that says: I work for this company but tweets are my own, it actually doesn’t mean that. What you say is a representative of you and your company so be judicious of your language. I personally don’t swear in any of my social media because just like tattoos, what I post in my wall is 99% permanent and worst, forward-able.  Be professional but do let your personality shine through.

I tweet, therefore I am. 

You want a reply, Ask Questions

Wonder why no one responds to your post or your tweets? Well, how about asking questions on top of integrating a call to action in your SM outputs. Instead of tweeting, “20% OFF on All Sunscreen this week” say “What level of sunscreen SPF do you use in the summer?”

Sharing is Sexy, Be Sexy

We are all here to help one another. SM is like a big giant virtual community of people who gives and takes valuable information. Share a photo, pass on a deal, re-blog a post and tweet about an event. Share so others will also share with you.

Remember, these  SOCIAL MEDIA 101: SKYFALL BLUE STYLE suggestions are just as applicable IRL (In Real Life). After all, who doesn’t want to be sexy online and offline all the time?

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